August 29, 2013

TTT Geel.
I was asked to join in on TTT in Geel last saturday with team

We were set out to start in a 6 man team but half an hour before the start one guy just didn’t show up. We started out with 5, giving each of us less time to recover in the draft. We didn’t have the chance to do course recon and 3 of us nearly got wiped out in the first hard corner, jumping over curbs, screwing up our starting order. Because of that Patrick tried to hang on as long as he could but being behind Jari, a semi pro racer (who won La Laurent Desbiens road race in Northern France the next day!) accelerating hard after every corner he had to let us go. We quickly recovered tho and kept pushing it hard and crossed the finish line in style, 4 in a row.

04/40 teams
12” from the podium.
22km - 28’05” - 47km/h avg

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